Heartland Gardens’ primary initial production will comprise of produce typical local supermarkets.  However, Heartland’s produce will be grown organically, sustainably and locally and will include heirloom vegetables. Heartland’s first Fall crop will comprise of (but is not limited to): carrots, onions, cucumbers, corn, hot and sweet peppers, lettuce, beans, tomatoes, garlic, beets, radishes, squash, eggplant, kale, leeks, melons, swiss chard, and several crops of herbs and edible flowers.

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Heartland Gardens works in conjunction with Florida Agriculture in the classroom and the Lee county school system to create curriculum for students in grades k-12.

STEMming Up Gardening
A comprehensive guide for Florida educators designed to integrate science, technology, engineering and math into a school garden.

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Classes will compromise of: Children’s Programs, both after school and in conjunction with local schools curriculum; Nutritional Programs, which restructure diet and eating habits to promote heath; 15 week Plot Cultivation, a hands-on learning experience on how to build, plant and harvest food in 15 weeks;

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Mission Statement

Heartland Gardens is a not-for-profit community garden on a mission to educate the public on the benefits of local, organically grown food and provide people with the tools to achieve nutritional wellness and self-sustainability through the creation of food producing gardens.

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